Defend your crowning glory with Argan Oil

I heard there’s a growing hype in the market aboutย Moroccan Argan Oil. I got really curious because a lot of my friends have been using it on their hair and claimed that the oil works like magic. So I wanted to try it out for myself. I haven’t had the chance to get my hair treated for over 2 years, yes, 2 years! I wanted to grow my hair and have it permed for change but upon doing so, it badly damaged the tips, leaving it dry and causing it to have A LOT OF SPLIT ENDS. I guess I’m just one of those who had a really bad perm, because I know others who still maintained their hair’s shine and strength.

photo 3

My long, permed hair.

I tried a lot of products to help with the damage but the only solution was to cut it short. My friend then suggested that I use Moroccan Argan Oil — which I have been using for almost 6 months now. My verdict? FIVE SHINING STARS ๐Ÿ™‚ So what is it about Argan Oil that makes hair absolutely beautiful? Let’s break it down shall we?


Argan Tree

1. Argan Oil comes from the kernels of an Argan Tree which originates in Morocco.

2. Pure Argan Oil is full of essential fatty acids and Vitamins that are proven to help regenerate damaged hair.

3. It also has very high components of ANTI-OXIDANTS.


Dried kernels from an Argan Tree.

4. Argan Oil is a miracle oil because it helps control frizz, leaving hair shiny and vibrant ๐Ÿ™‚

5. It also helps treat split ends and hydrates the hair from roots to tips.

photo 1

I had a haircut!

I had to cut my long, wavy hair but it’s ok, I’m loving my new do ๐Ÿ™‚ I was already using Argan Oil before my haircut and it really help treat my hair. I HAVE ZERO SPLIT ENDS now and my hair is shiny and healthy again.

Here are some of the Argan products that I have been using:

photo 2

Argan Oil Shampoo with Avocado Oil and Wheat Germ Oil extract.

This shampoo is a drugstore brand so I had to read through the entire label, front and back, to make sure that it has the argan oil essence at least. While this product is not organic it claims to be eco-certified and 100% natural — natural products are often defined as having been minimally processed and with no artificial preservatives. Well regardless, I’m liking really liking this shampoo haha!

photo 1

Argan Oil Conditioner

And! It comes with a conditioner! How’s that!?! ๐Ÿ˜€ So far the combination of the two has made my hair soft and manageable compared to synthetic ones. It would be really hard to find pure, organic Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner because the oil itself is already quite expensive.

photo 3


Now, this hair serum is PURE, ECO-CERTIFIED, DERMA-GRADE, 100% ORGANIC, and it’s also quite expensive for such a small bottle! LOL! BUT! This bottle contains everything that you need to keep your hair healthy, you only need a small amount for daily application. I use 5 drops of this miracle oil daily and it’s more than enough to give my hair that extra moisture and shine, this product cured my badly damaged hair ๐Ÿ™‚

The company that carries this product is called One Earth Organics, andย they only carry all organic products. They are only available on instagram and ships world wide. You can look them up on IG, their handle is ONEEARTHORGANICSBEAUTY, the owners are Tyff Short and Nelson Moss.


1. Argan Oil can also be used on the skin. It’s the perfect moisturizer that will leave the skin soft and smooth.

2. CAN HELP FIGHT ACNE. Argan Oil can help soothe the skin and promote healing.

3. The perfect ANTI-AGING oil. Because it’s high in anti-oxidants, Argan Oil can give that youthful glow and helps reduce wrinkles.

4. Argan Oil can help cure skin conditions like Eczema. Because it contains vitamins and essential fatty acids it promotes the healing of the afflicted skin.

5. Can be applied on the nails to keep it healthy. For those who have cracked heels, Argan Oil is also a best option to moisturize your feet.

I love Argan Oil, and I hope you do to, and for those of you haven’t tried it yet — I assure you, it’s one miracle in a bottle. ๐Ÿ™‚


The healing power of the word Vacation

I live in a tropical country with 7,107 islands, but reside right in the heart of the metro where traffic jams and stressful days are a norm. I haven’t written on this blog in a month because the workload was so demanding! Good thing there came some holidays that gave us an extended weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanted to DE-STRESS and make the most out of the long VACATION — this word is so so elusive….

So myself and the entire family decided to explore one of the thousand islands of this tropical country — we ended up in the beautiful paradise of Coron, Palawan.


View of the Kayangan Lake

Nature can do wonders in our body. It’s not just the products we use that can help cure illnesses, sometimes all we need is a bit of fresh air, a bit of rest and relaxation. NATURE IS THE BEST DETOXIFIER!


Breath-taking view of the blue sea.

We rented a small boat that can hold 12 people, and this became our little home during the days we were at sea. We went island-hopping and witnessed the wonders of the ocean. My pictures don’t do it justice, really. We stopped by one of the islands with a coral garden. I DOVE RIGHT IN AND FELT ALL THE NEGATIVE ENERGY LEAVE MY BODY.


The Little Mermaid

We also stopped by one of the white sand beaches where we had our lunch. We couldn’t get my little niece to get out of the water! She was already ashore and still kept swimming with full gear on, hahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€


Dipping my feet into the ocean while the boat is in motion ๐Ÿ™‚

I was in trance during this moment. I forgot about EVERYTHING and just lived in the moment, I only took a few pictures for memories’ sake. It felt good to be sitting at edge of the boat and play with the water, than the edge of a seat with a laptop on. I COULD LIVE OUT HERE FOREVER!


In my native language, these boats are called “Bangka”

This vacation made me realize that the world works too damn much that it’s missing out a lot of the beautiful things. We’re only here a short while, so when we get the chance to witness beauty, seize it and live in the moment!ย 


Quick Tips to Prevent Acne: #1 Change Your Beddings Often

A friend told me before that some of the reasons why curing acne is so difficult is because we neglect the other important things that we should have been doing to prevent it. No matter how much medication we use, if the environment is not conducive for healing, then the products that we are using would be close to worthless. So it’s best to make the other things count to help fight acne!



One of the biggest causes of acne is dirty pillow cases. IT’S TRUE. When we lie down to sleep at night or take power naps, our skin and our hair secrets natural oils that get rubbed on the pillows. These oils on the pillow cases and beddings often attract more dirt. I found this out to be true because I used to be guilty of not changing my pillow cases for more than 3 days. I sleep sideways with my left cheek buried on the pillow and noticed that the most problematic area on my face is the left cheek.

Now, I change my pillow cases every other day because pillow cases are like the clothes we wear everyday, they need to be constantly washed. It helps too to wash the pillow itself once in a while — when i don’t wash them, I spray organic or natural anti-bacterial spray to prevent germs out of the pillow.

The Challenge:

1. Change pillow cases every other day (yes, I know it’s a hassle including this in the laundry and everything, but if you’re like me, suffering from acne, then desperate times call for desperate measures……)

2. Change the bedsheets every Friday night before bed — fresh linens can help you relax and prep you for a good weekend ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

3. When it’s not yet time to wash the pillows, apply anti-bacterial spray to prevent germs. Here’s something I want to share that’s not expensive at all and it’s natural so definitely safe and effective:

  • ย In a 250ml spray bottle, infuse 3 limes and 3 lemons (chopped) in purified water for one week
  • Add a shot glass of gin (spirit), shake well, then infuse again for another 3 days to let the citrus infused water and alcohol blendย 

Actually gin and lime goes well together as a drink..just saying! Haha!


Voila! Your very own natural, anti-bacterial linen/pillow spray!

So let’s try this, shall we?!? Been doing this for a month now and I’m pretty happy with the results. While curing my acne with my daily regimen, I try as much as I can to practice this so to help out in the healing process.

More quick tips to follow! ๐Ÿ˜€

Turmeric: A secret spice that cures

Good day Dolls! It’s been a craaaazy week at the office — deadlines, projects…whew! So much to do so little time. Ugh! You know that feeling when you’re so busy you forget to just take a moment and take care of your body? I’m GUILTY. Sometimes when I’m in the zone, I don’t want to lose that momentum, and when I’m working I keep forgetting to HYDRATE! I keep telling myself (well, scolding myself) that if I want to cure my ACNE then I’ll need to go back to the basics which is DRINKING LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER.

While I’m still mastering the art of hydrating, there is one thing I discovered not so recently that can help CURE ACNE from the inside. 2 words: TURMERIC TEA. My dad buys (and resells) these packs of yellow powder thing that until 4 weeks ago I had no idea what it does to our body’s system. He told me to drink it because it’s a good source of antioxidant. The taste was terrible so I didn’t bother and just completely ignored it on the shelf.


Then the horror of acne broke out. I Googled all possible cure, even bought some of them, and none of them worked. I started suffering from acne when I was 23, there were products that helped cure it for a while but didn’t really kill the source. I’ve tried topical ointments, even used Yasmin pillsย just to get clear skin. The point is, these products worked like antibiotics, it will help cure the problem but once you use it more than what is prescribed, the body gets immune to it and the product just stops working. So realized that I’m probably doing something wrong because these products are supposed to work.

Then, again, I realized that if applying topical ointments doesn’t work, maybe I should start curing acne from the inside. I’ve done some research and found out that turmeric has been used for centuries to cure various kinds of illnesses. It’s high in antioxidant that will help cleanse the body of its impurities. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties that is perfect for curing cuts and wounds.



Because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, turmeric is a great remedy for acne break outs.ย Too much cholesterol is also another reason why a lot of us are suffering from pimple breakouts, the job of turmeric is to help reduce the cholesterol levels in our body and give balance while it cures. Another important benefit of turmeric is that it helps prevent cancerย — this was the wake up call for me because I have a family history of breast cancer. I don’t want to just cure my acne problems, I want to be healthy as well, from the inside-out.

There are various ways to use turmeric but for me the best would be to make it a tea. It tastes a lot like ginger (since they’re practically family) but for those who want to balance the spicy taste, I suggest you add honey, NOT SUGAR.

So I revisited our shelf where the turmeric was and decided to start drinking turmeric tea while it’s not too late. I like it a little cold so I can just drink it straight and not worry about the taste. Haha! I’m on my 4th week already, been drinking it 3 times a day, and I must say, I FEEL GREAT!

photo 2


Preparing Turmeric Tea:

If you like it warm/hot and strong

A cup of warm/hot water

2 table spoon of turmeric powder (organic kind)

A spoonfull of honey to add a little sweetness

If you like it cold, dissolve the turmeric powder in a small amount of hot water first then add cold water in a tall glass, then honey. ๐Ÿ™‚

Health Benefits of Turmeric:

Great source of antioxidant

Reduces cholesterol




Prevents cancer

Heals cuts and wounds

Cures acne and other skin disorders

Boosts the immune system

Cures digestive disorders

Healing Stiff Neck

So last Thursday, I had this awful stiff neck that literally made me cry because of the pain. I don’t know what I did or how I got it, but when I got home from work, my neck was already feeling really sore. I had to result to drinking pain killers and using medicated patch just to get through the night. I don’t drink meds when the pain is bearable because I don’t want to be dependent on it. I try to naturally heal it as much as I can, but when the Doc says (or my Mother) it’s time to take your meds then that’s the only time I do it. These helped me a lot during the agonizing pain:


Salonpas is a high-menthol patch that you attach or stick to the body part where the pain is. I used this not more than 3 times a day during the healing period. Ask your doctor first before using because you might be allergic to it. If this product is not available, ask your doc or the pharmacist for alternative.

There is another product I used, which is SAFE and EFFECTIVE because it’s made from all natural ingredients. It’s called Happy Healing Vapor Rub from Seven Scent.ย A very good friend of mine owns the product line and it comes in different variations depending on the kind of treatments needed — and I LOVE IT! Smells great, didn’t harm my skin at all! I got the 50g container because I couldn’t live without it! LOL ๐Ÿ˜€ I just applied it on my neck all the way to my shoulders ๐Ÿ™‚ Before, Seven Scent was only available here in the Philippines, but very recently they started shipping products in the U.S.

photo (1)

Of course, you can’t treat stiff neck ย by just drinking meds or applying vapor rubs, you also need to do some mild exercises to release tension. THE BEST treatment I did was Callanetics.ย It’s an exercise that improves the deeper muscles, not just the surface muscles. It was developed in the 1980’s by Callan Pinckney. This exercise uses precise body positioning that will target specific muscle groups. I personally loved the neck and back exercises because it helped relieve the pain of stiff neck. After a couple of sessions, I woke up with relaxed muscles and the pain completely vanished! Hallelujah!


I realized, after days of terrible pain, that exercise is indeed the best medicine of all. I’ll continue Callanetics, because I fell in love with it, and see what other benefits it can offer my body. ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘Till then!

My worst habits and admitting mistake

So let me kick-off this blog with some of my worst habits (which I’m sure I’m not the only one suffering from it. LOL!) Ok let me get straight to it. First, I don’t exercise. Not a big fan of the sweat and the body pain that comes after it. Yes, I know I must do proper stretching before the routine and that my body will eventually get used it. But noooo…Although a few years back I did enjoy jogging around the park after work but, being the lazy-bone that I am I stopped doing this daily routine. I feel guilty for not being able to continue doing it because it did make me feel better after. So now I’m trying to challenge myself again to exercise as often as I could.

Yes I Can

Second worst habit — I don’t get much sleep. Another reason why my metabolism is so messed up. I don’t why but I feel more alive at night. If I try to sleep early, let’s say 10PM, I will be awake by 3 or 4AM and not be able get back to sleep again. Ugh. I hate it when that happens. I did find the perfect solution, however, and it worked like a miracle. HONEY WATER.ย When I’m having a hard time getting a shut-eye, I drink a glass of water with honey in it. If milk works for others, this one works for me. Plus, I spray my pillow with lavender essential oil, the organic one of course, then the next thing I know, the sun is already shining and morning is trying to wake me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll share more on this on my succeeding posts. ๐Ÿ™‚


Third worst habit — I keep forgetting to hydrate and eat my greens and fruits. There’s no excuse for me, I’m guilty of not drinking enough water and not eating enough fruits and vegetables. I’m an obsessed “meatatarian”. But I will try and again, challenge myself to eat healthier.


These are just some of the few, and when I think about it, I feel scared for my body. My Mom suffered from breast cancer a few years ago and had a mastectomy. I was with her during her battle and it was the hardest and darkest days of my life. I realized that if don’t start taking good care of my body NOW, there’s a big risk that I, too, will walk that same path. I would rather not count the mistakes I’ve made (and making) and instead start fresh.

The body impurities that I’m experiencing right now, like acne breakouts, excessive belly fat, etc. are the result of not giving my body the proper nutrients and treatments it needs to function properly. Everything is my doing and I will do my best to try to make it up to my body. Today is the day and I’ll share my journey, hopefully, to anyone out there trying to change and trying do the right thing.

Yes, we can! Let’s do this!