Quick Tips to Prevent Acne: #1 Change Your Beddings Often

A friend told me before that some of the reasons why curing acne is so difficult is because we neglect the other important things that we should have been doing to prevent it. No matter how much medication we use, if the environment is not conducive for healing, then the products that we are using would be close to worthless. So it’s best to make the other things count to help fight acne!



One of the biggest causes of acne is dirty pillow cases. IT’S TRUE. When we lie down to sleep at night or take power naps, our skin and our hair secrets natural oils that get rubbed on the pillows. These oils on the pillow cases and beddings often attract more dirt. I found this out to be true because I used to be guilty of not changing my pillow cases for more than 3 days. I sleep sideways with my left cheek buried on the pillow and noticed that the most problematic area on my face is the left cheek.

Now, I change my pillow cases every other day because pillow cases are like the clothes we wear everyday, they need to be constantly washed. It helps too to wash the pillow itself once in a while — when i don’t wash them, I spray organic or natural anti-bacterial spray to prevent germs out of the pillow.

The Challenge:

1. Change pillow cases every other day (yes, I know it’s a hassle including this in the laundry and everything, but if you’re like me, suffering from acne, then desperate times call for desperate measures……)

2. Change the bedsheets every Friday night before bed — fresh linens can help you relax and prep you for a good weekend ahead 🙂

3. When it’s not yet time to wash the pillows, apply anti-bacterial spray to prevent germs. Here’s something I want to share that’s not expensive at all and it’s natural so definitely safe and effective:

  •  In a 250ml spray bottle, infuse 3 limes and 3 lemons (chopped) in purified water for one week
  • Add a shot glass of gin (spirit), shake well, then infuse again for another 3 days to let the citrus infused water and alcohol blend 

Actually gin and lime goes well together as a drink..just saying! Haha!


Voila! Your very own natural, anti-bacterial linen/pillow spray!

So let’s try this, shall we?!? Been doing this for a month now and I’m pretty happy with the results. While curing my acne with my daily regimen, I try as much as I can to practice this so to help out in the healing process.

More quick tips to follow! 😀


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