The healing power of the word Vacation

I live in a tropical country with 7,107 islands, but reside right in the heart of the metro where traffic jams and stressful days are a norm. I haven’t written on this blog in a month because the workload was so demanding! Good thing there came some holidays that gave us an extended weekend 🙂 I wanted to DE-STRESS and make the most out of the long VACATION — this word is so so elusive….

So myself and the entire family decided to explore one of the thousand islands of this tropical country — we ended up in the beautiful paradise of Coron, Palawan.


View of the Kayangan Lake

Nature can do wonders in our body. It’s not just the products we use that can help cure illnesses, sometimes all we need is a bit of fresh air, a bit of rest and relaxation. NATURE IS THE BEST DETOXIFIER!


Breath-taking view of the blue sea.

We rented a small boat that can hold 12 people, and this became our little home during the days we were at sea. We went island-hopping and witnessed the wonders of the ocean. My pictures don’t do it justice, really. We stopped by one of the islands with a coral garden. I DOVE RIGHT IN AND FELT ALL THE NEGATIVE ENERGY LEAVE MY BODY.


The Little Mermaid

We also stopped by one of the white sand beaches where we had our lunch. We couldn’t get my little niece to get out of the water! She was already ashore and still kept swimming with full gear on, hahaha! 😀


Dipping my feet into the ocean while the boat is in motion 🙂

I was in trance during this moment. I forgot about EVERYTHING and just lived in the moment, I only took a few pictures for memories’ sake. It felt good to be sitting at edge of the boat and play with the water, than the edge of a seat with a laptop on. I COULD LIVE OUT HERE FOREVER!


In my native language, these boats are called “Bangka”

This vacation made me realize that the world works too damn much that it’s missing out a lot of the beautiful things. We’re only here a short while, so when we get the chance to witness beauty, seize it and live in the moment! 



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