Defend your crowning glory with Argan Oil

I heard there’s a growing hype in the market about Moroccan Argan Oil. I got really curious because a lot of my friends have been using it on their hair and claimed that the oil works like magic. So I wanted to try it out for myself. I haven’t had the chance to get my hair treated for over 2 years, yes, 2 years! I wanted to grow my hair and have it permed for change but upon doing so, it badly damaged the tips, leaving it dry and causing it to have A LOT OF SPLIT ENDS. I guess I’m just one of those who had a really bad perm, because I know others who still maintained their hair’s shine and strength.

photo 3

My long, permed hair.

I tried a lot of products to help with the damage but the only solution was to cut it short. My friend then suggested that I use Moroccan Argan Oil — which I have been using for almost 6 months now. My verdict? FIVE SHINING STARS 🙂 So what is it about Argan Oil that makes hair absolutely beautiful? Let’s break it down shall we?


Argan Tree

1. Argan Oil comes from the kernels of an Argan Tree which originates in Morocco.

2. Pure Argan Oil is full of essential fatty acids and Vitamins that are proven to help regenerate damaged hair.

3. It also has very high components of ANTI-OXIDANTS.


Dried kernels from an Argan Tree.

4. Argan Oil is a miracle oil because it helps control frizz, leaving hair shiny and vibrant 🙂

5. It also helps treat split ends and hydrates the hair from roots to tips.

photo 1

I had a haircut!

I had to cut my long, wavy hair but it’s ok, I’m loving my new do 🙂 I was already using Argan Oil before my haircut and it really help treat my hair. I HAVE ZERO SPLIT ENDS now and my hair is shiny and healthy again.

Here are some of the Argan products that I have been using:

photo 2

Argan Oil Shampoo with Avocado Oil and Wheat Germ Oil extract.

This shampoo is a drugstore brand so I had to read through the entire label, front and back, to make sure that it has the argan oil essence at least. While this product is not organic it claims to be eco-certified and 100% natural — natural products are often defined as having been minimally processed and with no artificial preservatives. Well regardless, I’m liking really liking this shampoo haha!

photo 1

Argan Oil Conditioner

And! It comes with a conditioner! How’s that!?! 😀 So far the combination of the two has made my hair soft and manageable compared to synthetic ones. It would be really hard to find pure, organic Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner because the oil itself is already quite expensive.

photo 3


Now, this hair serum is PURE, ECO-CERTIFIED, DERMA-GRADE, 100% ORGANIC, and it’s also quite expensive for such a small bottle! LOL! BUT! This bottle contains everything that you need to keep your hair healthy, you only need a small amount for daily application. I use 5 drops of this miracle oil daily and it’s more than enough to give my hair that extra moisture and shine, this product cured my badly damaged hair 🙂

The company that carries this product is called One Earth Organics, and they only carry all organic products. They are only available on instagram and ships world wide. You can look them up on IG, their handle is ONEEARTHORGANICSBEAUTY, the owners are Tyff Short and Nelson Moss.


1. Argan Oil can also be used on the skin. It’s the perfect moisturizer that will leave the skin soft and smooth.

2. CAN HELP FIGHT ACNE. Argan Oil can help soothe the skin and promote healing.

3. The perfect ANTI-AGING oil. Because it’s high in anti-oxidants, Argan Oil can give that youthful glow and helps reduce wrinkles.

4. Argan Oil can help cure skin conditions like Eczema. Because it contains vitamins and essential fatty acids it promotes the healing of the afflicted skin.

5. Can be applied on the nails to keep it healthy. For those who have cracked heels, Argan Oil is also a best option to moisturize your feet.

I love Argan Oil, and I hope you do to, and for those of you haven’t tried it yet — I assure you, it’s one miracle in a bottle. 🙂


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